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Instant Credit Application

We offer In-Store Financing!
No Credit Check!

Need to establish, rebuild  or boost your credit?

DeAngelos Jewelry guarantees 100% approval regardless of past credit history.

You must reside in the state of California and be 18 years or older to apply for DeAngelos Jewelry Credit. All purchases must be made at our physical location.

A photo ID, phone number, email, autopay, and a 30% minimum deposit on all new account purchases are required. Visit the store or call for details.

The DeAngelos Difference

At DeAngelos you will never suffer the embarrassment of being declined credit to purchase jewelry. Bankruptcy, Divorce, Job loss, Collections or Foreclosures aren’t a problem! People come to DeAngelos because they need help establishing credit or re-establishing credit. For over 29 years, DeAngelos Jewelry has been one of the most trusted names in the Modesto Area. Experience the DeAngelos Difference and help boost your credit today!

Cardholder Benefits

Benefits include No Annual Fee, Convenient payment plans, and reporting to Equifax and Experian Credit Bureaus.*

  • No Annual Fee
  • Convenient Payment Plans
  • Reporting to Equifax and Experian Credit Bureaus*
  • Credit Limit Increases up to $500 every three months
  • Free Sizing (up to 2 sizes)
  • Free Cleaning & Inspections
  • Lifetime Warranty**
  • Lifetime Trade-Ins
  • Lifetime Watch Battery Replacements***
  • Exclusive Offers only for Cardholders
  • Free Value Card Program

*California residents only will be reported to credit bureaus

**Up to 1/2 ct. diamond replacement with lifetime warranty

***With original proof of purchase from DeAngelos Jewelry.

Instant Credit Application

I hereby authorize the DeAngelos Enterprises, INC. DBA DeAngelos Jewelry Credit Department to make whatever credit inquiries it deems necessary in conjunction with this application. I also declare that all information is true and correct. THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS PROVIDED PURSUANT TO THE ARELLAS-ROBBINS RETAIL INSTALLMENT ACCOUNT FULL DISCLOSURE ACT – 1986. Credit card terms may vary among retail seller-selected terms under this retail installment account are set out as follows. FINANCE CHARGES. You will be required to pay Finance Charges on PURCHASES all extensions of credit that are not paid off in the same month. We will calculate the FINANCE CHARGE by multiplying the balance at the end of the month by 1.65% (equal to an ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE of 19.80% with minimum FINANCE CHARGE of $1.00 PER MONTH. NO ANNUAL FEES. By sending this form via email I certify that I am 18 years of age, a legal U.S. citizen and have completed the application accurately. I understand that sending this form authorizes DeAngelos Jewelry to establish my eligibility for credit by checking my credit history and authorized employer, bank, and/or other referenced to release information to DeAngelos Jewelry. If I receive credit, DeAngelos Jewelry may continue to review my eligibility by exchanging information with credit bureaus and other proper parties. I declare under penalty of perjury the foregoing is true and correct to best of my knowledge.