Jewelry Care

Jewelry is not just a fashion accessory. It defines your personal tastes, is a means of self-expression and can signify an affection or a life-long commitment. Jewelry is also an investment, and investments need proper maintenance. Caring for your jewelry ensures that for years it stays as brilliant as it was the day you purchased it.

Preventative Jewelry Care

Jewelry you wear regularly, especially rings, can benefit from a cleaning and inspection every 90 Days to prevent damage that occurs over time from normal wear and tear. In addition to cleaning and polishing, a jeweler can check on the overall condition of your jewelry to make sure stones are not coming loose or clasps are not bent.


When you consider purchasing a piece of jewelry, you may want to check if it has a warranty or lifetime guarantee. Some jewelers offer a lifetime guarantee for a free annual cleaning and inspection. Others have a one-year warranty for damage like prong replacement. If your jewelry is damaged, check to see if you’re still under warranty before taking it in for repairs.


Cost of a repair depends on several factors. First, costs may be offset if your jewelry is under warranty. Otherwise, cost is affected by factors such as the level of difficulty of the repair, the cost of the parts (for example, a new gemstone versus a new clasp), and how quickly you need the repair made.

Finding a Jeweler

Not all jewelry repairs are of the same quality and some repairs are more difficult than others, so it’s important to go to a jeweler you trust. If your jewelry is under warranty, you’ll want to go back to the jeweler you purchased from. If not under warranty, another option is to get a referral from someone you trust or go to a jeweler that guarantees its repairs. DeAngelos Jewelry has on staff a GIA trained Master Jeweler with over 40 years of experience in jewelry repair and customization.

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